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Growing Marijuana is now more straightforward and effective than ever due to new technologies and methods. The top 10 tips for producing Marijuana in 2020 with DripWorks irrigation systems are provided in this post.

Tip #1: Pick the Correct Strain

It is crucial to realize the significance of choosing the right strain of Marijuana to grow. The strain you choose should be compatible with your specific growing environment. There are various strains you can choose from depending on their unique traits and requirements for development. Some of the most popular stains worldwide are Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, and Sour Diesel, which can be grown in most environments.

Tip #2: Begin with Good Seeds

Choosing good seeds will ensure high-quality crops. A good seed is genetically stable, healthy, and fresh. Prevent using any seed that has been damaged, old, or inadequately kept. Choose the seed from a reliable source, like a renowned seed bank.

Tip#3: Use Top-Notch Soil

For Marijuana plants to grow healthily and vigorously, good-quality soil is a must. The soil should be high in organic matter and nutrients and should have a pH appropriate for growth. Avoid soil that is nutrient-deficient, compacted, or contains dangerous pollutants. Nowadays, it is a common practice to use soil especially designed for Marijuana to give the best quality Marijuana yield.

Tip #4: Offer Enough Lighting

Marijuana plants need a lot of light to develop and flourish. For indoor cultivation, invest in good quality grow lights to ensure each stage of growth has enough light. LED grow lights are a great investment as they are easy on the pocket and environmentally friendly than conventional grow lights and generate less heat

Tip#5: Use Drip Irrigation Systems

Marijuana requires precise water that should be supplied on time; otherwise, the plant growth can be compromised. A good irrigation system, like a drip irrigation system, can help provide water to the root zone, minimizing water loss and ensuring the roots get adequate water. For Marijuana, some popular drip irrigation systems used worldwide are drip tapes, emitters, and micro-sprinklers.

Tip #6: Keep Monitoring the Temperature and Humidity

Marijuana is grown in a particular temperature and humidity range to yield a good crop. It is imperative to monitor these levels closely. If you are growing Marijuana indoors, the temperature ranges for daytime and nighttime are 65-80°F and 60-70°F, respectively. During the vegetative and flowering stages, humidity should be maintained at 40–60% and 50–60%, respectively.

Tip #7: Supply Enough Nutrients

For Marijuana plants to develop healthy buds, they need a range of nutrients. Plants must receive the proper mix of nutrients at every stage of their development. Choose top-notch fertilizers especially designed for growing Marijuana, and pay close attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Tip #8: Train and Prune Your Plants

Marijuana plants can benefit from pruning and training, boosting yields, and enhancing general plant health. While training involves adjusting the plant’s form and structure to maximize light exposure, pruning is cutting off extra leaves and branches. Some typical training methods are Topping, LST (low-stress training), and SCROG (screen of green)

Tip #9: Control Pests and Diseases

If left untreated, pests and illnesses can seriously damage Marijuana plants. Growers should monitor plants for pests or illnesses, such as yellowing leaves, brown patches, or wilting. If a problem arises, address it right away with organic or natural remedies, such as neem oil or insecticidal soap. Infection and infestation risks can be reduced by taking preventative measures such as routine cleaning, sterilization, and environmental maintenance.

Tip# 10: Take Your Time and Enjoy the Process

Marijuana cultivation can take a long time and requires patience and careful attention to detail. Even if you run across obstacles or failures along the way, it is essential to appreciate the process and feel proud of your work. Anyone can cultivate high-quality Marijuana at home with the correct skills, equipment, and mindset.

The Takeaway

Marijuana cultivation may be an enjoyable and meaningful activity, but it takes thorough preparation, close attention to detail, and the appropriate equipment and methods. To get the finest care and produce high-quality buds, follow these top 10 tips for growing Marijuana in 2020 using Dripworks irrigation systems.